Uninsured Mortgages

You’re more than a number.

Uninsured Series Mortgage Solutions

Alternate mortgage solutions for Canadians who want more.

You’ve changed. You’ve grown. You want a mortgage that fits your present and your future. If you would like to buy a new home or investment property, consolidate debt or refinance for a better interest rate, you’ve got more choices than you might think.

Now, discover your best mortgage.

The XMC Uninsured series of mortgage solutions is built for Canadians who understand – and embrace – the changes that have brought us here, to this place of opportunity and change. You require more from a mortgage lender than traditional banks and lenders are able to offer.

Let’s move forward together.

Discover Purchase and Refinance Mortgage Solutions offering up to 80% financing to clients who want to purchase a new property or refinance the one they already love.

We lend in more places across Canada to clients with credit challenges.


Returned Payments$153.00
Holding a Payment/ Delaying PAC$90.00
Payment Frequency change (mid-term)$90.00
Due Date change (mid-term)$90.00
Amortization Period change
(mid-term & excluding privilege payments)


All provinces (excluding MB, BC, ON, AB and QC)$380.00
Land Registration Fee - ON$77.62
Manitoba (MB)$235.00
British Columbia (BC)$75.00
Ontario (ON)$380.00
Alberta (AB) and Quebec (QC)$0.00
Second Request for Discharge Documentation (if misplaced)$85.00 per hour
Discharge Reproduction - ON & QC$25.00
Discharge Reproduction - all other provinces - NOT ON & QC$100.00


All provinces (excluding NL, NS, PE and QC) (AB*)$380.00
Newfoundland (NL)$50.00
Nova Scotia (NS)$25.00
Prince Edward Island (PE)$25.00
Quebec (QC)$0.00
*Alberta – a fee can only be charged if Transfer docs have been requested (Otherwise, it’s a discharge and no fee applies)$380.00

Partial Discharge

All provinces excluding Quebec$250.00

Assumptions and Release of Covenant

Release of Covenant$350.00
Qualified Assumptions
(All provinces except Alberta)


Payment of Tax Arrears$150.00 & up
Payment of Utility Arrears$50.00 & up
Tax Account breakdown statement$75.00 per hour
Tax administration fee from municipality (if applicable)Fee varies per
Tax Portion Cancelation$75.00

Legal Action

Default Administration$350.00
Bankruptcy/Consumer Proposal Administration$300.00 & up
Payment of Condo Fees$150.00 & up


Reprint of Annual Statement$75.00
Request for copy of materials from file (if authorized)$25.00
Fire/water damage insurance claims inspectionFee varies
Impairment Insurance$400 every 3 months
Occupancy checksFee varies