Real Deal | Holdco Rental Refinance Approved with 35-year amortization

Holdco Rental Refinance Approved
35-year amortization in Hamilton, ON

This XMC Alternative rental refinance of an existing XMC mortgage eliminates all consumer debt, saves clients over $500 per month, and allows them to cash out more than $100k for closing costs and future investments.

Managing seven other properties has kept these clients busy and eager to expand their property portfolio in the chase for financial freedom.

With excellent income, exceptional repayment history, and an 80% rental offset, we qualified these clients under their Holding Company at 80% LTV with a 35-year amortization!

Deal Highlights

  • 35-year amortization
  • 3.29%
  • Holdco Loan
  • Deal approved at 80% LTV
  • 1-year closed


  • GDS/TDS: 18.58%/45.68%
  • Beacon scores: 721/758


  • Type: Permanent full-time; Manager
  • Tenure: 2 years


  • Occupancy: Rental
  • Location: Hamilton, ON