Real Deal | Alternative refi saves client over $4,000 per month

Alternative refi saves client over $4,000 per month
Long Sault, ON | BFS PRO

This week, we’re looking at a refinance on an owner-occupied property in Long Sault to payout first and second mortgages, as well as all outstanding debt.

This client has recently decided to take a significant professional step by purchasing the business they have been managing for years.

We’re here to help. This time with an approval for a new self-employed owner at 75% LTV and generating over $4,000 in monthly savings.

Deal Highlights

  • 30-year amortization
  • Deal approved at 75% LTV
  • 1-year closed
  • 2.84%
  • BFS PRO Client
  • FREE Home System Warranty for the full 1-year term!


  • GDS/TDS: 31.78%/ 32.67%

Beacon score

  • 615


  • Type: Permanent full-time; Self-Employed
  • Tenure: 6 months


  • Occupancy: Owner-Occupied
  • Location: Long Sault, ON