Real Deal | Same-day refinance approval

Same-day refinance approval
Prior consumer proposal

This XMC Alternative refinance is for a healthcare professional living in London, ON. Due to a history of financial uncertainties, which resulted in a prior consumer proposal, this client was ready to get their life back on track.

Now, they have paid the CP in full and are refinancing their home to consolidate the first mortgage, all outstanding debts and complete some much-needed home renovations!

The same-day approval came with a 68% LTV and a FULL year of Free Home System Warranty coverage!

Deal Highlights

  • 30-year amortization
  • 3.69%
  • Same-day approval
  • Deal approved at 68% LTV
  • 2-year closed


  • GDS/TDS: 40.05%/51.31%
  • Beacon score: 617


  • Type: Permanent full-time; Professional
  • Tenure: 18 years


  • Occupancy: Owner-Occupied
  • Location: London, ON