Congratulations Nominees! #MortgageAwardsCA

#MortgageAwardsCA – Congratulations to all the nominees!

Here’s the complete list of nominees – an impressive bunch to be sure! We’re honoured to be included in two categories:

Senior Underwriter Chiu Yeh joined the XMC team in 2017, and since then has established herself as a Broker favourite! This nomination reflects the hard work Chiu’s done building relationships and helping clients achieve their long-term goals!

Derek Serra, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, has accomplished more in his first year at the helm than others might in 3x as long. His Top BDM and Hot List credits reflect the impact Derek has made in our industry, transforming traditional Broker-Client-Lender relationships, and in our company culture, with his all-hands-on-deck work ethic.

Thank you to all who voted for these nominations, and to all who vote every day when they choose XMC for their clients.

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